A Scheme Interpreter for ARM Microcontrollers:
Console Examples (PS/2 keyboard and on-board or 'Nokia'-like LCD), Snapshot 00.0225

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The code on this page presents examples of Armpit Scheme consoles whereby a PS/2 keyboard and on- or off-board LCD can be used as input-output ports for standalone systems. The structure and concepts of these examples are as described for the previous snapshot, 00.0215, here but the code has been updated to use bytevectors since ARMSchembler output in this snapshot consists of bytevectors. The Corresponding Armpit Scheme code files are (believed to work but not fully tested as of this post): Nokia-like LCD Draw, Nokia-like LCD Write, LPC2478-STK LCD Draw, LPC2478-STK LCD Write, IDM-L35 LCD Draw, IDM-L35 LCD Write, PS/2 Keyboard ISR via Counter, PS/2 Keyboard ISR via External Interrupt, PS/2 Keyboard ISR via GPIO Edge Interrupt (Cortex-M3).

Last updated May 16, 2010