A Scheme Interpreter for ARM Microcontrollers:
File writing (bug fix) and native USB device for the LPC2478-STK, Version 00.0160

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While developing examples for the Olimex LPC2478-STK board, it was found that the original Armpit Scheme distribution for version 00.0160 was unable to write to on-chip files on this board. The issue was that code has to run from on-chip RAM while programming the on-chip FLASH. In addition, it was identified that the USB device engine on the LPC2478 is similar to that on the LPC2148 and LPC2158 that are already implemented as virtual com ports in Armpit Scheme. Hence, it is possible to easily re-use existing code to enable native USB device functionality on the LPC2478-STK.

The three files linked below are to be placed in the LPC_2000 directory of the Armpit Scheme 00.0160 distribution (replacing the original files of the same names) prior to re-assembling for the LPC2478-STK. They correct the file writing bug and enable USB device on this board. The updated files are: LPC_2000.h, LPC2478_STK.h, and LPC_2000_init_io.s.

Last updated April 1, 2009